Monday, October 5, 2009

Always Coming Up With New Muffin Recipes!

She has made so many different recipes of muffins, I told her she needs to write a book. The only thing is that she just adds this and that as much as she thinks it needs and never measures and, no kidding they are always delicious!!
Rivyr taking her to grandpa and nanna's house to deliver some happiness in a basket!

A Day In The Woods Of Camelot

Grandpa built a Cross for our very own Sunrise Service in the Orchard. It was a beautiful day!

Adding Poultry To Our Agrarian Adventure!!

This year we picked out 5 each of 5 different kinds of chicks and when mommy saw the two little geese that someone had ordered and not picked up she knew she needed to give them a home, too! The children each picked a set and called them their own and daddy is hoping to build a little home for them.

No End To Discovering New Species!

Rivyr's design for a bee mask. One of the local bee men has asked to keep some bees on our land and is teaching the boys about how to care and handle them. Super cool to all of us!!

The boys are crazy about their creatures!! If we let them they would go out early in the morning, not come in until dark and find all kinds of creatures to play with and observe. Daddy lets them keep certain kinds for a day or two in the terrariums he has so they can watch and learn more about them.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Monday, May 18, 2009

Ice Cream 101

Grandma teaching our beginning summer course of 'how to eat ice cream'! Isn't homeschool awesome you can learn 24X7! The possibilities are endless on the courses you can come up with! He He! Some real life skills! We had fun with it anyway. As you can see once the children understood the basics they got pretty creative!

It's tough but somebodies got to eat the Ice Cream!!!

Can You Imagine?

Troy's parents took us to a special fossil museum for Mother's Day! It was so much fun!! The children had a chance to spend time with some of their cousins and we got to learn all kinds of things about archeology.
As you can see daddy was the silliest of us all! The old bones just made him crazy!!!
I think this was personally one of my favorite! Can you imagine swimming on the back of this awesome turtle's back?
You can see the dinosaurs in the back ground made you feel like you just walked into their world. Some of them even moved and made noises to each other. Poor little Andronicus just couldn't figure it out. When we walked in to where T-Rex was and his mouth was moving up and down Andronicus just kept saying "Back, Back."
Here's Grandma and Grandpa with all the children! It's a good thing they don't have one of these on the farm! It would probably eat them out of house and home! Who would need a car with an animal like this in the drive.