Monday, May 18, 2009

Can You Imagine?

Troy's parents took us to a special fossil museum for Mother's Day! It was so much fun!! The children had a chance to spend time with some of their cousins and we got to learn all kinds of things about archeology.
As you can see daddy was the silliest of us all! The old bones just made him crazy!!!
I think this was personally one of my favorite! Can you imagine swimming on the back of this awesome turtle's back?
You can see the dinosaurs in the back ground made you feel like you just walked into their world. Some of them even moved and made noises to each other. Poor little Andronicus just couldn't figure it out. When we walked in to where T-Rex was and his mouth was moving up and down Andronicus just kept saying "Back, Back."
Here's Grandma and Grandpa with all the children! It's a good thing they don't have one of these on the farm! It would probably eat them out of house and home! Who would need a car with an animal like this in the drive.

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