Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Heirloom Seed Festival

Recently, we took a road trip to a Spring Planting Heirloom Seeds Festival that we have been wanting to see for several years! It was great!! We camped out and it rained the whole time we were there but it was fabulous! We can't wait to go back! The founder of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds is only 28 and he is amazing! He started out with his own garden just like the boys. Then he started collecting seeds and exchanging them through the Seed Savers Exchange, and now he sends out 150,000 catalogs all over the world and hosts these awesome heritage festivals and has built this little village with a flour mill, apothecary and a bunch of other features!!! Very inspiring and a lot of amazing vendors were there from everywhere.
Main Street of Bakers Ville.
Grandpa and Nana met us there too!!!
We got to see a lot of heirloom chickens and birds!
Troy and Rivyr with some precious local honey we were able to purchase.
Iylland in his frog slicker. It's a good thing we took our mud boots!!!

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~~Anne said...

Hi Willow!

You may be interested in an heirloom seed giveaway that a friend of mine is having on her blog. The winner will receive a variety of seeds for both flowers and veggies. There's more details on my blog. (

I enjoy visiting your blog so much and reading about what is going on with your family. So many things that you write about just bring back such memories of days gone by when my children where the ages of yours.