Saturday, December 20, 2008

Traditional Popcorn Stringing!!

This is our first time in our little family that we have tried stringing popcorn together! It was so fun even Andronicus was able to poke a few! I remember doing this every year as a child, so many good memories!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Child Will Be Born Unto You!!

Thanks to our friends in one of the community fellowships the children were able to be a part of a wonderful Christmas Play!! Iylland was the wise man bearing gold, Rivyr was the fuzzy little donkey in the stable and Llyonesse was my little sweet angel!! We wish you could have seen them, it was so precious!
I just love watching the children as they are growing and learning so many things. We have been going through the book, Man of Valor with the boys. They have really been enjoying it! It discusses all the Character or Virtues that are becoming of a Noble Man and things that will help them develop into the Men of Integrity that God is calling them to. My whole life I prepared and trained and absorbed as much as I could to help me be the wife and mom that God would use to raise a family of Christ honored vessels He could use and here I am in my element!! I love teaching the children, I am so grateful to my husband for blessing me with this opportunity! Everyone of them is so unique and so special in so many ways! Up till now we have been teaching them precept upon wonderful precept from our Abba's Scriptures and recently we are starting to see the lights go on in their little minds as they are starting to piece it together and why God has designed it this way and what part they get to play and how the family unit needs every one. For me this is the most amazing thing in the world and I am loving every minute of it! The good times and trying ones for me as well(my growing and trusting times) :) Life is so amazing and beautiful and so temporal. Our lives are like grass, here one minute and gone the next! Make it the most you can and don't forget what is the most important.
Love from a mother's heart!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Sledding Hill! Open Season!!

OH YES!!! It finally SNOWED!!!!! We've been out all day and in the dark!! Grandpa puts up lights all the way down the hill so that we can sled 24/7 if we have the energy for it!
Sledding at our place is an EXTREME SPORT for the older boys. They are crazy!!!! We finally had to make a new rule, No Sledding without helmets! (We homeschool, it's expected! He,He!)
Llyonesse is a dare devil! And this year Andronicus is a Snow Monster! He wants everyone to keep taking him up and letting him go down! He's having so much fun!
One of the best things about sledding is the friends we can have out to sled with us!

Imagine What You Could Paint!

Llyonesse(pronounced Welsh, Leah-ness) loves to paint and is always trying to get mommy to set her up! This is her most recent creation she calls it "STARZ". It has little diamond gems glued randomly to it! Mommy loves all the color!

Yurt Cooking 101!

One of Rivyr's specialties in the kitchen is sauteed onions. Grandpa calls them "worms". Yummy! Today he seasoned them with Spirulina and Celtic Sea Salt in a base of Coconut Oil. We also like to add Creole seasonings for the older of us. It's a bit much for the little ones! We all craved Onions today after spending the morning sledding on the snow hill grandpa made for us!
Notice Rivyr's safety glasses!!! ;) He says they help with the eye-cleaning, sting of the onion aroma when it's first cut open! I tell you those homeschool nerds in their helmets and safety glasses! Before you know it he'll be reading the dictionary for entertainment! Just like Uncle Sky!! Ha!Ha!

Singing for the Arts!

Iylland and Rivyr took a singing class this Fall and were able to perform for the Christmas Arts and Humanities Benefit Dinner! They even were in the local paper! It was so fun to see them singing for everyone! They had a great teacher, we hope they will get a chance to be in her class again!

6:01AM The Great Hunters!!

Rivyr and his uncle up before the sun, ready to watch for some wildlife!! Sleepy Iylland just couldn't quite do the whole crack of dawn thing. He's our heavy sleeper!
Rivyr was setting on the ground and had some doe come up and walk around him,checking him out. He was pretty excited and thrilled and quietly ask his uncle if he could shoot them with his pellet gun, sadly, he was denied, so that he wouldn't scare them all away! Oh well little Rivyr, better luck next time!! He had the best time with his uncle and even learned how to drive a 4-wheeler! We were all so sad to see them leave but glad they were able to visit!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Home Sweet YURT!

We love living in a yurt! It's outside the box for sure! He!He! This was obviously our Fall look! I was able to move a few plants in for the winter before it froze. I love plants inside, they seem so cheery!!