Thursday, December 11, 2008

6:01AM The Great Hunters!!

Rivyr and his uncle up before the sun, ready to watch for some wildlife!! Sleepy Iylland just couldn't quite do the whole crack of dawn thing. He's our heavy sleeper!
Rivyr was setting on the ground and had some doe come up and walk around him,checking him out. He was pretty excited and thrilled and quietly ask his uncle if he could shoot them with his pellet gun, sadly, he was denied, so that he wouldn't scare them all away! Oh well little Rivyr, better luck next time!! He had the best time with his uncle and even learned how to drive a 4-wheeler! We were all so sad to see them leave but glad they were able to visit!

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Banyan and Amber said...

My little hunting buddy! How are you doing? Have the deer thought you were there baby again when you were out tromping through the woods!? Miss you!

Uncle Banyan