Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Sledding Hill! Open Season!!

OH YES!!! It finally SNOWED!!!!! We've been out all day and in the dark!! Grandpa puts up lights all the way down the hill so that we can sled 24/7 if we have the energy for it!
Sledding at our place is an EXTREME SPORT for the older boys. They are crazy!!!! We finally had to make a new rule, No Sledding without helmets! (We homeschool, it's expected! He,He!)
Llyonesse is a dare devil! And this year Andronicus is a Snow Monster! He wants everyone to keep taking him up and letting him go down! He's having so much fun!
One of the best things about sledding is the friends we can have out to sled with us!


Banyan and Amber said...

I am SO jealous!!!!! I can't believe you guys were so selfish that you kept the snow up there all for yourselves. O oooo and u didn't stop there you decided 'well let's post these pictures and rub it in Uncle Banyan and Amber's face and then mayyyybe they would want to move.' And you know what? We do! Can we move in with you guys? ;-)

I wish we could of been there with you!!!! Miss you all :-(

Amie said...

Your sledding adventures were my first thought when it started to snow on Tue, ofcourse my secound thought was "UGG it is COLD!" but I was really happy for you!