Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Child Will Be Born Unto You!!

Thanks to our friends in one of the community fellowships the children were able to be a part of a wonderful Christmas Play!! Iylland was the wise man bearing gold, Rivyr was the fuzzy little donkey in the stable and Llyonesse was my little sweet angel!! We wish you could have seen them, it was so precious!
I just love watching the children as they are growing and learning so many things. We have been going through the book, Man of Valor with the boys. They have really been enjoying it! It discusses all the Character or Virtues that are becoming of a Noble Man and things that will help them develop into the Men of Integrity that God is calling them to. My whole life I prepared and trained and absorbed as much as I could to help me be the wife and mom that God would use to raise a family of Christ honored vessels He could use and here I am in my element!! I love teaching the children, I am so grateful to my husband for blessing me with this opportunity! Everyone of them is so unique and so special in so many ways! Up till now we have been teaching them precept upon wonderful precept from our Abba's Scriptures and recently we are starting to see the lights go on in their little minds as they are starting to piece it together and why God has designed it this way and what part they get to play and how the family unit needs every one. For me this is the most amazing thing in the world and I am loving every minute of it! The good times and trying ones for me as well(my growing and trusting times) :) Life is so amazing and beautiful and so temporal. Our lives are like grass, here one minute and gone the next! Make it the most you can and don't forget what is the most important.
Love from a mother's heart!!!

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KsCowboy said...

A very good post. I am reminded of a scripture;

Luke 2:51b
"But His mother treasured all these things in her heart."