Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yurt Cooking 101!

One of Rivyr's specialties in the kitchen is sauteed onions. Grandpa calls them "worms". Yummy! Today he seasoned them with Spirulina and Celtic Sea Salt in a base of Coconut Oil. We also like to add Creole seasonings for the older of us. It's a bit much for the little ones! We all craved Onions today after spending the morning sledding on the snow hill grandpa made for us!
Notice Rivyr's safety glasses!!! ;) He says they help with the eye-cleaning, sting of the onion aroma when it's first cut open! I tell you those homeschool nerds in their helmets and safety glasses! Before you know it he'll be reading the dictionary for entertainment! Just like Uncle Sky!! Ha!Ha!

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