Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Life On Our Farm!

Spring is here the beautiful pink dogwood that Troy got for me last year is blooming wonderfully this year. A little bit of green is showing in the yard but the trees have yet to set new leaves.
This is our new pup NUMA!! (lion in some african language) Troy is still reading through the original Tarzan series with the boys and that is where they came up with his name. As you can see they are pretty happy about it!! Even Andronicus loves him! Our garden has been worked up by daddy and some early crops have been planted! It's been a blast gardening with daddy this year but we might have to expand the garden again, it seems to be getting little very fast!

Llyonesse is proud of her doughnut for grandpa!! Rivyr woke up with a grand idea of making doughnuts and I'm thinking we can surely figure out a healthy recipe!! They are homemade, whole wheat, sweetened with honey, cut and baked! They turned out great!!! Everyone loved them up! Yum, Yum!

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