Thursday, November 20, 2008

Count Down to AWANA!

Iylland is Joseph, with his coat of many colors! Rivyr is King Solomon, in all his splendor! (The material should look familiar to the magic people in the family! ;)
This Fall, Iylland and Rivyr have been involved in the AWANA program and they have really enjoyed it!! Every week Iylland counts down the days, sometimes he even makes paper chains to tear off each day. AWANA is a program completely focused on teaching children to memorize scripture and the more they learn and retain the more jewels they get to put in their flight wings. One week Iylland memorized 9 verses!! Whoa! His teacher wasn't expecting that, I don't think. Rivyr's big week has been 3, which he is so happy about!! They really like their SPARKy leaders! They have the best time going! Daddy and I have been able to take turns and help out where they need us, if they need us. I just love watching the children light up when they learn how big & amazing & awesome our Abba Father is! Iylland and Rivyr both love the scriptures and God, so much. It is a beautiful pureness and so sweet to witness. We talk much of when they will be men and the plan our Master has for them! They ask questions each day and are looking so forward to the time that God will lead them and their families. They have begun to pray daily for their wives! It is so precious, I cherish it so, in my heart, as a mother!

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