Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Time to be Outside!

The weather has been so nice Rivyr's back at his architectural projects again! This unique lean-to fort is resting right on our little tomato and garlic 'room' in our garden.
He checked out a building book for children at the library and we are hoping to build one of the forts out of it! I am sure you'll see it in a future blog, if we get the chance to!

This is my Where's Iylland picture.
Can you find him?

I think the boys have climbed all the trees on this side of the creek already this year! Their favorites have been the cedars because none of the rest of the trees have leaves yet. They think it's really funny to call my name and then let me walk right underneath of them. And now when they come inside they always smell really strong of Christmas trees! Of course every time they conquer a new tree we have to all come and see how high they are.
Some of my favorite memories are tree climbing when I was younger! My dad built the awesomest tree house ever and we always loved to climb up to it!

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